My first diy puukko for this summer.

I made a small command line tool for time tracking with I mainly use a terminal and a text editor when I’m working so now there is no need for browser when I need to change my status.

Deleted my Twitter account a while ago. Maybe I should delete links in my homepage as well.

New micropub server seems to work well. A bit more polish and it could be published.

Added new rewritten, still WIP, micropub-server. Previous one was written in PHP but new one is written in Crystal.

The site is slowly getting ready, I added the tags today.

Making small changes to the website

A couple of months ago, I tried Nim because I wanted to learn a new language, but it didn’t work for me. But I fell in love with Crystal right away.

Testing automated publishing to Twitter and Mastodon via

Winter still trying to hold on. -28℃.

Qutebrowser is quite nice

I wonder if Nim would be a fun language to learn? Let’s see…

Oh shit! I lost the earplug of my headphones

Testing publishing a note via micropub

New website

I recently lost my Instagram account. It was a frustrating and disappointing experience, as I had built up a significant following and enjoyed connecting with my followers on the platform.

However, I have decided to move on and start using a website to share my content. Using a website gives me more control over my content and how it’s presented. I can create my own design, layout, and navigation, and I don’t have to worry about the algorithms or policies of a third-party platform.

In addition to using my website as the primary platform for sharing my content, I will also be publishing my content on social media platforms such as Mastodon, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram. This is where you can find the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about what I’m doing and what I’m interested in.